Melbourne University Italian Social Club


For over 50 years, the Melbourne University Italian Social Club has been a part of the university experience. Originally created as a home away from home for the sons and daughters of Italian immigrants, the Club is now a meeting place for people of many different cultures who share a passion for all things Italian. From the football field to the card table; from the kitchen table to the fashion runways of the world; from the red of Ferrari to the azzurri of the national team – Italian culture is everywhere and the Italian Club has brought a piece of it to Melbourne Uni.

Open to all students of the university (Italian and Non-Italian alike), the Melbourne University Italian Social Club continues today its proud tradition of promoting Italian language and culture throughout the university. Throughout the year, we host many activities including regular coffee and conversation afternoons (both in English and Italian), soccer competitions, Italian Film Festival sessions, pizza lunches, social nights (including Italian card games) and an end-of-year party. By far our biggest event each year is the Annual Ball, which we hold in conjunction with the Italian Clubs from Monash and Swinburne Universities. These events provide a great opportunity to meet other students who have a passion for all things Italian.

Join with us as we not only discover la bella vita but also “Bring a Piece of Italy to Melbourne Uni!”

We are always interested in learning more about the history of the Club. If you have any stories or pictures etc. , please contact the secretary.

Box 28, 1st floor, Union House, The University of Melbourne, Parkville

The Committee for the Period 2010-2011 is as follows:

Gabriella Marchi
David Cardamone
Carla Busso
Gemma Calgaro
Federica Cologni
Operations Manager
General Committee Members (in alphabetical order by last name):
Lorence Ferro, Olivia Formica, Joseph Mirabito, Ashley Onori, Richard Pagone, Daniel Romano

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